you deserve a unique site that you can manage.

First&Third develops beautiful WordPress websites that don’t require a developer to manage while delivering engaging experiences for your customers. Your website is yours – we ensure that you can change and adjust it as needed to meet your goals.

we're wordpress experts and it shows.


Working closely with the WordPress VIP team, agency partners are recognized for developing beautiful and engaging WordPress websites for enterprise customers. As a VIP agency, you’ll benefit from our specific expertise in implementing and developing WordPress sites and know that your site will be high quality and last.

some of our favorite WordPress clients

as a VIP Partner & boutique agency we offer a wide range of services to build what you need

custom design

Our expert design team will bring your site to life.

Web Development

From frontend to backend, we have all the skills to develop custom, first rate WordPress sites.

Plugin Development

Custom plugins let you create and manage content tailored to your business.

Theme Development

Custom themes make your site stand out and enhance your brand.

Headless approach

Experts in Headless CMS & Headless eCommerce for optimal site performance.


Migrating brands from any platform, including Magento, Shopify, and Salesforce.


We’re ecommerce experts and optimize for conversion.

UI/UX Design

Make sure your users get where they need to be and convert.


Change your site to fit you and connect with your audience.


Our approach ensures your site meets business and customer goals.


Custom tracking and targeted pages ensure you spend your ad dollars wisely.


We cover multinational, multilingual, and multiple currencies to match your plans.

our process

discovery & strategy

We run collaborative Discovery workshops with your team to help us understand your customers along with their goals and your goals for the site as well. We then work with you to create a prioritized feature list and roadmap for the project so your team will know what to expect going forward.


We will run a Design workshop that helps us understand what you like about your current site and where we can take inspiration for improvements. We’ll then finalize a brand look and feel and design the pages of the site.


Taking the approved designs, we develop the site with the ultimate goal of letting you manage it. We make sure to keep as much of the management of the site going forward in your hands so you don’t need extra development work to keep your business running.

testing & launch

Before launch, we run exhaustive QA testing and ensure that you have time for testing as well. This gives you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the site and gives us the chance to train you on managing the site going forward. Once we’re bug free, then we launch and monitor the site for any unforeseen issues over the next 30 days.

see what our clients have to say about our work.


“The F+T team is incredibly creative, thoughtful, and very engaged in their client’s business.”


—Opte Skin Care (A Division of P&G)


“I wanted to thank you for the awesome launch. As always, you guys are rockstars and make everything we do better."

—Rachel Thomas, Co-Founder & President, Sheryl Sandberg & Dave Goldberg Family Foundation


With over 10 years of experience building WordPress sites, First&Third has a proven playbook with over 100 WordPress launches (70 WordPress VIP launches.) We specialize in a narrative approach to web development and design. Our visual storytelling strategy allows us to create modern websites that speak to the user’s experience and match it to an organization’s goals in order to achieve stronger connections and more conversions. 

Yes! Since you’ve already started the work for us, it’ll be simple to loop us into your project for a seamless migration. Schedule a call with us to talk details and timeline. Don’t put your business on hold any longer. Why wait when we can get started today?

Lots! Through our collaborative workshops, weekly stand-up meetings, and avid use of communication tools (Slack, Figma, etc.), we’ll keep you up to date on the status of your project and involved in its progress. You’ll be a part of the process and kept informed every step of the way.
With WordPress, you can easily create and manage content, change your site’s appearance, and configure its setting in the built-in dashboard. Want more features? WordPress functionality can be extended with plug-ins. This makes for a much more engaging experience than your standard templated website.
Every project has different requirements and goals. We’ll design the timelines, milestones, and process and then get to work — to ensure that the project’s objectives are met from start to finish.
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ready to discuss how First&Third can help achieve your goals using WordPress?