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We’re dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals as if they were our own.

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We're Reliable
We're Curious, Critical Thinkers
We're Relentless

100% Remote. 100% Awesome.

First + Third is a fully remote agency with team members located across the globe. We take our client’s goals seriously and our we work diligently to achieve them. We pride ourselves on good communication, healthy debate, accountability, and doing great work.

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We’re Looking For People With Key Characteristics …


Do you manage your time well? Can your teammates count on you do what you say you will do each day?

Curious, Critical Thinker

Do you ask great questions? Are you curious about a client’s goals? Do you think critically about how to accomplish them?


Do you ask yourself if you have done your best? Do you evaluate if the work you have done is the best possible solution for the client?

And Who Are Disciplined About …

Managing each other’s expectations daily

We communicate quickly if we won’t meet our deadlines.

Asking Good Questions

We ask ourselves regularly if we understand the goal & if we have everything we need to succeed.

Making sure their work is done right

We create the best possible outcome for the client while staying in budget.

If you join us, you’re signing up to be anything but average

We’ve made it our mission to outperform average agencies. Because, when you’re average, you only think about how to get a project done and not enough about the client’s goals. And, being average makes success impossible.

At First & Third we are obsessed with helping our clients understand and achieve their objectives through thoughtful, well-executed web design and development. We are relentless in our pursuit of the very best solution for each individual client and work tirelessly until the desired results are achieved.

As a team, we invest ourselves fully in meeting our client’s goals as if they were our own because when they succeed, we do too.

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