do you have 40+ hours a week to launch a professional website on your own?

website creation involves design, development, and planning. do you have the time to take all of that on?

Learn about the challenges behind building a website and how you can save time and launch faster.


Having built hundreds of websites, we know what works and what doesn’t. Why do it alone when First&Third has the experience and expertise to outperform and outrank Wix and Squarespace sites?



diy site built with Wix or Squarespace


Using a web development agency will free up your business’s time.

Building your own site will take time, no matter what platform you’re on. You’ll be responsible for:

  • Planning the site
  • Building the site
  • Testing the site


We can customize your website in any way that optimizes it for your business goals and needs.

Diy platforms generally use templates. Customizations will be limited by the chosen template and your level of expertise.


We’ll use the technology that is best for your business. You won’t be limited by templates with locked in design features, leaving money on the table.

You’ll be limited to the technology the DIY platform is using, which may not be the best for your business


You’ll have Unlimited customizations & pages. We will create the pages to be specific to the content you are posting.

When it comes to design, you’ll be limited to templates. Templates come with limitations that will require you to have some coding knowledge to make custom changes. You may also be limited to a max number of pages.


We’ll give you control over your SEO optimizations to ensure Google and users can find your site.

You’ll have limited options for SEO site optimizations and often times run into issues with crawlers being able to find your pages.

content writing, logo design, and branding

We offer a variety of services for branding. We’ll get to know your brand, understand your problems and goals, and provide a solution that fits your needs.

You’ll need to hire a freelancer from a marketplace as branding services are not provided.


Our solutions give you the ability to update your website as you please. But you always have the option for us to handle more complex updates.

Support for content updates aren’t provided, so you’ll need to do these yourself.

customer support

You can always reach out to us! We’re flexible with communication and we always reply within 24 hours.

Customer support is limited with no consistent point of contact.


We can provide you:

  • Time to do everything else.
  • Flexibility to get what you want now and scale later.
  • Unique opportunities just for your brand
  • Support when you need it.

You should expect:

  • A large time commitment as you take on several roles.
  • Restricted options and opportunities due to platform limitations and templates.
  • Lack of extensive support; you’re on your own.

ready to save time and get back to your business?

we put together an optimal timeline, get to know your business, and have your site up in no time.


optimal timelines

Timelines are important to keep everything on track and deliver results efficiently. Whenever you need your site, we’ll plan our milestones accordingly to ensure we launch on time.


Workshops allow us to understand your business, in and out. We’ll collaborate with your team and discuss problems and goals, and exploring ideas together.

testing. and more testing

We rigorously test to make sure we’re delivering best in class experiences. Our project plans always include testing time before launch so that your site goes live bug free and on time.


designed to scale

Don’t worry about being locked into a path and locked out of future opportunities. You can start out small and expand later.

solutions that fit

Because we work closely with you to understand your goals and needs, you’ll get solutions designed just for your business.


Give your customers the functionality they need. We can integrate with a variety of external platforms to create a custom tailored experience.

we're flexible. you'll get the solution that fits your business.

help & support

You need help now, and that’s where we come in. Sites like Wix and Squarespace rarely offer individualized customer support. At First & Third, you’ll always have one point of contact who knows your brand and business model inside and out. We offer individualized support within 24 hours, often faster, and we are available via Email, Slack, video, and phone.

“I hired First and Third to design a website for my law practice, which is 9 years old. We have changed quite a bit from when we launched our then-current website, and First and Third understood what we were looking for: a refresh, and not a redo. They assigned an insightful, artistic, and consummate professional for us to work with on the project, from start to finish. From time to time, we would check in with the higher ups, but it felt like a pretty seamless process overall. The results were excellent; we have had many compliments on the new website. Personally, I enjoy its ease of use. Being a WordPress user, it is important for me to update my own website. I highly recommend working with First and Third: they are good listeners, creative problem solvers, and enthusiastically helped me to meet my goals.”

Lee Morin, Principal & Founder, Morin Legal – Law firm

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