Get A Web Development Plan To Raise Awareness For Your Cause

We help you carve out a website development plan to help you increase engagement and conversions.

Low Website Engagement Can Hurt Your Organization's Online Goals

Your website is the hub of your social cause. When your supporters have a difficult time contributing to your cause because of a buggy or unappealing site, it takes the air out of the mission you set out to accomplish. But it doesn't have to be that way.

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Better Planning Leads To A Better Campaign Launch

A clearly defined website plan that properly integrates all nuances and goals of the board, program development and communications teams will yield a successful launch. This allows the website to ultimately gain more traffic to convert visitors to: donors, volunteers, and advocates. We get that each nonprofit is unique, which is why custom planning is vital to your success.

With Us, It’s Simple

We know you’re strapped for time and resources, so we’ve developed a clear and consistent workflow so you’ll get a solid web experience plan ahead of schedule so you can start achieving your goals as soon as possible. Imagine being able to clearly define budget constraints without having to go back and ask for more project funding. With our projects everyone's role is clearly defined and there's a fluid workflow between the executive directors, communications team and web development team. Smooth projects like these do exist.

How It Works

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    The Overview

    Our consultation takes place via a recorded video conference so you can reference our discussion later. Calls typically last from about 60-90 minutes, but we will reserve two hours for you just in case.

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    The Specifics

    On our call we discuss the current state of affairs with your organization and the development of the program being promoted. Next we identify goals, the project’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and the roadblocks that could potentially prevent you from reaching them. Finally we lay the groundwork to start developing your digital web presence which includes drafting wireframes.

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    What we need from you

    Within one week we deliver a personalized, step-by-step project plan that will allow you to go straight into the implementation phase of your web design plan with confidence, in a detailed report.

Get Clarity From Nonprofit Experts

We have many large profile nonprofit and social change projects under our belt, so we’ve been able to hone in on a pretty agile web development and design process. We are completely remote so your project will be completed more efficiently across multiple timezones. And, there’s nothing like speaking with a nonprofit web development consultant to help spark your creative fire so you can finally put a plan in place for your next major campaign initiative.

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Ready to get started?

Are you ready to get a solid web development plan to promote and increase the digital presence of your new program initiative? Awesome! Apply for our Nonprofit Web Design Consultation here. The price is $499, which distinguishes those who have serious intent behind a new program launch. This fee will be applied to the total cost of web development should you decide to hire us on for implementation of your project.

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Money-Back Guarantee

We know that we can provide exactly what you need to confidently move forward in your web design project that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If at the end of our call you have not gotten your money's worth, just let us know and we'll refund your consultation fee no questions asked.

Who we’ve worked with

“I wanted to thank you for the awesome launch. As always, you guys are rockstars and make everything we do better.”
– Rachel Thomas, Co-Founder & President
Sheryl Sandberg & Dave Goldberg Family Foundation

Skeptical? Let's Walk Through Some Concerns

Here are common misconceptions we've addressed in our past projects.

Doing an assessment guarantees that you will never go over budget on a project because you will know how much the project will cost start to finish. Plus, Campaign Web Development Blueprint fee is applied to the overall cost of the web design project.

Why Us?

We have handled everything from large b-corp, private sector, and small scale non-profits alike. We specialize in doing work for social good. We've nailed our process of launching digital campaigns/programs big and small. We're a scrappy team that loves a new challenge.

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